Тойота РАВ4-Toyota RAV4
1. Car operation
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. Cooling and air-conditioning systems
5. Fuel system and system of release of the fulfilled gases
6. Ignition system
7. The monitoring system and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. A transmission
10. A kardannyj shaft and shaft of a drive of driving wheels
11. Brake system
12. A suspension bracket
13. A steering and a running gear
14. A body
15. An electric equipment
   The general data
   Technical characteristics
   Electric chains
   Check of the storage battery
   Replacement of wires of the storage battery
   Safety locks and the relay
   Check and replacement of the relay of indexes of turn and the emergency light alarm system
   Check of system of gymnastics
   The generator
   System of start-up of the engine
      Removal and starter installation
      Check and removal of the traction relay of a starter
   Replacement combined подрулевых switches
   Replacement of the lock and the cylinder of the lock of ignition
   Removal and installation of switches of the panel of devices
   Removal and installation of a combination of devices
   Check and replacement of the engine of a screen wiper
   Radio receiver and dynamics
   Aerial replacement
   Check and repair of a heater of back glass
   Replacement of lamps in headlights
   Adjustment of light of headlights
   Headlight replacement
   Sound signal
   Replacement of lamps накаливания
   Check of a drive of external rear-view mirrors
   Check of system of the cruise-control
   Check стеклоподъемников with an electric drive
   Check of system of the central blocking of locks
   Drive podemno-sdvizhnoj roof panels
   Safety pillows
Electric equipment schemes

Toyota RAV4>> Electric equipment>> System of start-up of the engine>> Removal and starter installation
The starter represents the electric motor of a direct current with the mixed excitation with the electromagnetic traction relay. The starter consists of the case or статора with windings of excitation, an anchor with обгонной муфтой, covers with щеткодержателями and the traction relay.
At starter inclusion through a winding of the traction relay of a starter the current from the storage battery starts to proceed. The relay anchor is involved also relay contacts become isolated. Simultaneously the relay anchor through the lever moves обгонную муфту with a gear wheel. The nave обгонной муфты turns on screw шлицах a shaft of an anchor of a starter as well a gear wheel that facilitates its input in gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel. Through the closed contacts of the traction relay there is a current feeding windings статора both anchors and the starter anchor starts to rotate together with a nave and обгонной муфтой.
After start of the engine frequency of rotation of a gear wheel exceeds frequency of rotation of an anchor of a starter. In this case обгонная муфта it is freely turned, and the twisting moment is not transferred from an engine flywheel to a shaft of an anchor of a starter. After release the ignition key the feed circuit of windings of the traction relay through the ignition switch is disconnected, the anchor of the traction relay is wrung out by a spring in a starting position, relay contacts are disconnected also a drive gear wheel leaves gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel.
Starter removal make as follows:
Switch off ignition and disconnect a wire of "weight" from the storage battery.
Remove the block of management of the cruise-control and, without disconnecting from it a cable, take aside.
Remove a broad tank.
Disconnect electric sockets from the traction relay of a starter.

Fig. 15.19. An arrangement of bolts (one bolt is not visible) starter fastenings on models since 2001

Turn out bolts and remove a starter (fig. 15.19).
Installation make in sequence, return to removal.