Тойота РАВ4-Toyota RAV4
1. Car operation
   Controls, devices and the equipment
   Motor compartment
   Keys and the ignition lock
   Engine start-up
   Mechanical transmission
   Automatic transmission (АКП)
   Recommendations about driving about a cross-country terrain
   Lay brake
   The switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights
   Back antifog lanterns
   The proof-reader of light of headlights
   Screen wipers and стеклоомыватели
   Стеклоомыватели headlights
   Heating of back glass.
   The button of inclusion of heating of external mirrors
   The emergency light alarm system
   Salon illumination
   Прикуриватель and an ashtray
   Nest for connection additional elektro - the equipment
   Heating and ventilation
   Electric стеклоподъемники
   The podemno-sdvizhnaja panel of the hatch of a roof
   Installation of mirrors
   Adjustment of a steering column
   Forward seats
   Back seats
   Seat belts
   Safety pillows
   Lifting of the car by a jack
   Cowl unlocking
   Trailer towage
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. Cooling and air-conditioning systems
5. Fuel system and system of release of the fulfilled gases
6. Ignition system
7. The monitoring system and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. A transmission
10. A kardannyj shaft and shaft of a drive of driving wheels
11. Brake system
12. A suspension bracket
13. A steering and a running gear
14. A body
15. An electric equipment
Electric equipment schemes

Toyota RAV4>> Car operation>> Trailer towage

Fig. 1.41. Values of the resolved full weight of the car and as much as possible safe load on a back axis

Towing ability of the car is defined for movement at sea level height. If you are going to tow the trailer (trailer) in mountain district, it is necessary to mean that capacity of the engine, hence, towing ability of the car will go down.

The sum of the equipped weight of the car, weights of the driver, passengers, luggage, the towing equipment and loading on the tjagovo-drawbar should not exceed the resolved full weight of the car more than on 100 kg. Excess of this value is dangerous. The resolved weight of the car is specified on the tablet of the manufacturer (fig. 1.41).
Loading on a back axis should not exceed as much as possible admissible more than on 15 %. Excess of this value is dangerous. The resolved weight of the car is specified on the tablet of the manufacturer (fig. 1.41 see).
In case of excess of the resolved full weight of the car or the resolved loading on a back axis, do not exceed speed of 100 km/h or the value of speed resolved by local rules at towage (depending on what of these values is less).
Toyota recommends to establish only firm towing arms and the tjagovo-drawbar.

Fig. 1.42. The sizes for tjagovo-drawbar installation

The sizes for installation of towing arms and the tjagovo-drawbar are shown on fig. 1.42, and their values are resulted in tab. 1.1.

Fig. 1.1. Controls, devices and the equipment on cars of release since 2001: 1 – a regulator of illumination of devices; 2 – подрулевой the passing light/headlight switch; 3 – a combination of devices; 4 – a pillow of safety of the driver / a sound signal; 5 – the ignition lock; 6 – подрулевой перключатель cleaners and washers of glasses; 7 – the central lattices of ventilation; 8 – an autoradio tape recorder; 9 – a pillow of safety of the passenger; 10 – a ware box; 11 – lateral lattices of ventilation; 12 – the switch of the emergency light alarm system; 13 – the control panel heating and ventilation; 14 – прикуриватель; 15 – the selector lever; 16 – an ashtray; 17 – the lever of a lay brake; 18 – the button of inclusion of the conditioner; 19 – the handle of opening of a cowl; 20 – the switch of back antifog lanterns