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Toyota RAV4>> Cooling and air-conditioning systems>> The general data>> Central air
The central air cools and drains air in salon. The coolant circulating in the form of a liquid in that part of system where the high pressure is supported, evaporates and turns to gas on a site of low pressure. At gas expansion there is a cooling accompanied by selection of heat from air, submitted the fan in passenger salon. From air submitted to salon, on the evaporator the moisture is condensed. The compressor of a central air resulted by a belt from a cranked shaft of the engine, grasps a gaseous coolant, compresses it and directs to the condenser close to a radiator of cooling of the engine. During passage through the condenser the coolant passes in a liquid state, giving absorbed to warmly counter stream of air. Then the liquid coolant through dosing out valve again gets to the evaporator, thus, the cycle of selection of heat repeats.